2018 : 5 years in the film industry

December is here! That typically means the Film/ TV/ video industry downs tools until January. It’s a fantastic time of year to reflect on everything that’s gone on so far, catch up with some old friends and colleagues whilst eating my body weight in mince pies. Some key highlights for me from 2018 include:

The Creative Scramble Podcast
  • Starting a podcast for video professional and creative entrepreneurs called ‘The Creative Scramble’ alongside editor Matty Singh. We're 16 episodes in with a back log of episodes yet to be released. It's been a great experience networking and learning from some of the best in the video production industry whilst hearing about some horror stories along the way. A particular highlight was hearing all about Simon Vacher's trip to Antarctica.

  • Shot and Directed three short form documentaries with themes close to my heart. Plastic Tide, Manchester Dogs Home, A Different Kind of Summit. All under 5mins in length. Check them out if you have a spare moment.

Eddie Hall
  • Get ready for a name drop. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a variety of athletes, performers and influencers this year including Sir Chris Hoy, Craig David, Gabrielle Jesus, Jesse Lingard, Kevin De Bruyne and Eddie Hall. All legends in their own fields.

  • Shooting in some stunning locations including: Cophenhagen, Stockholm, Venice, Dublin and Zurich.

  • Growing my company ‘Dead Pixel Films’ and producing a variety of outdoor adventure, commercial and fitness content for agencies and brands.

  • Hanging from the boot of my car filming a Porsche GT3 at high speed on a F1 circuit in Kent

  • I shot Manchester, Brighton and London marathons 2018. It spurred me on to take on Manchester Marathon in April 2019. I sadly got injured fairly early on into my training. After spending a small fortune on physio and a lot of time on strength exercises for my knee I'm finally back to normal training.

Overall what I’ve learnt is that hard work and patience is the best thing for growing a successful business. Thanks to all my clients for an awesome year. Onto the next!

Lighting a short film with minimal kit, crew and no budget.

My task was to light and shoot 3 different setups in 3 very different locations all in one day with 2 camera crew!

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